Xiaogan tianxiang mining technology co., LTD

    Xiaogan tianxiang mining technology co., LTDIs one specialized is engaged in the oxidized ore flotation reagents research, development and production of enterprises,Was built in1996Years,2001Moved to the state-level economic development zone in xiaogan filial piety south economic development zone。
    After nearly20Years of development,The company has good development and production of infrastructure。Owns standard workshop4000Square meters,Scientific research building800Square meters;Meet the needs of the development and production of standard laboratory and complete sets of production equipment,For forging high quality products to lay the solid hardware foundation。
    The company has research and development team composed of mineral and chemical experts,Professor of team members、Dr、A master's degree、Bachelor of engineer,Research and development strength,Good at overcome difficult,According to market changes timely developed to adapt to the market demand,Meet and exceed customer expectations of new products...

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Address:Hubei xiaogan filial piety south industrial development zone industrial park at the station 
The phone:0712-2597216 0712-2597218 
Contacts:13508690800 (Manager zhang) 
The mailbox:xgtxky@163.com ,tx@huihaisheng.cn
Url: www.huihaisheng.cn